Reading Groups Feedback

"Thought provoking, both simple and complex simultaneously”.

 “I enjoyed the questions posed in the book and how they led to further questions and other thoughts”.

"Self-worth is the key to inner peace rather than external views.”

 “That reflection is positive, sometimes humbling and always stimulating”

‘‘To appreciate that dawn always follows the night".


It is possible to change the world in ways that use tiny (way smaller than baby) steps.’’

‘‘To listen carefully to people’s opinions, perspectives and thoughts, even if I don’t agree with them; they can still evoke thought which would not have been evoked without listening to them."

‘‘I am taking away that I have the power within myself to deal with anything/situation.”

“The book enabled myself and others to open up emotionally and share feelings and emotions."

“The total positivity, given what can be a very negative environment.”