Bedrock Books Reading Groups are a unique type of reading group, led by a facilitator,  which supports participants in exploring the basis of their own humanity. Participants are invited to read, reflect and re-discover their fundamental feelings and understandings.

Examples of the themes/discussion points the group will explore are:  self-acceptance, reconciliation, peace, choice, clarity, respect, self-understanding, and hope. 

Enjoyment in Sharing

Research has shown that belonging to a reading group helps people to read more, to enjoy reading more, to read more widely and to share their love of books with others. As a result, reading group members have said that they are happier, more confident, have made more friends and feel a part of their local community.

Enjoyment in Digging Deep

Participants of our reading groups appreciate the chance to explore the 'deeper' topics that they would not normally touch on.The books provide a framework for exploration.  The session content comes from participants as they discover and share personal understanding, in response to the stories and passages they read aloud.


A Safe Space 

To date, groups have been piloted in UK prison libraries. We are now offering this project to a range of social organisations, including youth organisations, refugee projects, gangs’ projects, libraries and bookshops.